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Duvaderm Skin Flooding Mini

Duvaderm Skin Flooding Mini

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Experience Luxurious Hydration Like Never Before

Bundling set of
Cleanser 60ml (Microfoam Cleanser/ Elderberry Mild Cleanser)
AI Toner 50ml
Hyaluronic Calming Serum 12ml
Moisturizing Cream 15gr
MSM Face Mist 50ml
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Let's get into the details.

A Glow Serum 5ml x 2pcs

Anti Aging (Prevent Wrinkles & SkinRenewal)
Reduce Acne (reduce bacteria causing acne and unclog pores, normalize Oil production)
Even / Smooth skin tone (exfoliate dead skin cell on cellular level)

AI Toner 50ml

Our AI Toner introduces a revolutionary method of skin renewal, exfoliation and hydration. Perfect for sensitive skin, this product is clinically proven to rejuvenate skin and deliver the same results you would see with glycolic acid, with no stress to your skin.

Moisturizing 15gr

Not only protect & strenghten skin barrier, but it also works to reduce inflammtion & irritation and also repair skin structure

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