Social Impact

We believe in the possibility that everyone can achieve a better life with a little support and to reach their full potential as long as they get the education and tools needed. We wholeheartedly believe in the power of science and education. We are passionate about helping those in need from every walk of life, and at any chance we get we love to give back to the community.We have had the honor of partnering with various foundations and charities to show children how much we care about their well-being

COVID-19 Social Impact

No one felt the impact of COVID-19 more than those on the front lines of healthcare, as well as our loved ones who were fighting for their lives. From its inception, Duvaderm has always been about helping heal dry skin and soothing skin irritation. That’s why Duvaderm partnered with local healthcare facilities to donate our highly-effective and nourishing MSM Face Mist. We were able to donate X bottles of Face Mist to our local communities through this movement.

Environmental Impact

We’re committed to creating a brand that does the least harm possible on our planet. When it comes to sustainability, we’ve made some early progress. Partnering with a third-party company, Duvaderm is piloting a recycling program where customers are able to ship their used product packages back to us for earth-friendly recycling.

Our Collaboration

Last November marked the celebration of Breast Cancer Awareness, and Duvaderm, a local skincare brand, took this opportunity to amplify its positive impact on society, especially for those battling cancer.

Recognizing that both adults and children are equally at risk from cancer, Duvaderm focuses its efforts on helping children, who are more likely to have a greater chance of recovery with early detection.

From September to November 2022, Duvaderm teamed up with Pita Kuning to provide aid to underprivileged children with cancer. Duvaderm also welcomed Nadya Valerie, a public figure and cancer survivor, to help amplify awareness about the cancer issue.

All of Duvaderm's sales during that period were donated to over 40 underprivileged children with cancer in four main areas: Jabodetabek, Medan, Yogyakarta, and Bali, to ensure they received the 6MP medicines they needed for treatment.

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